The 5 Main Items You’ll NEED For Baby

I remember when I was near the end of my first pregnancy I had so many questions about what items I truly NEEDED for a newborn.
Now, of course, there are the obvious necessities:
* NB & Size 1 diapers. (Don’t stock up on NB, full term babies won’t stay in them long!)
* Wipes.
* If breastfeeding you will want a breast pump, which *should* be covered by your insurance.
* Formula (if not breastfeeding)
* A few good bottles (I personally liked the bottles that came with my Madela breast-pump.)
* Onesies. (with a zipper OR bottom snaps!!)
* Car seat – brand new, rear-facing.
Those are obvious necessities, but here are my 5 must-have recommendations:

5. Back Pack
I highly suggest a backpack as a baby bag, over a typical diaper bag, for many reasons.
A few reasons I suggest it are because; it’s so much easier to carry your baby or baby-wear, dads usually prefer wearing a backpack over a diaper bag, and it’s all around more comfortable! There are a lot of diaper-backpack options available, one of my favorites is from Fawn Design, which can actually be worn a few different ways. A little pricey, but amazing quality.


4. Swaddles
Some might say this belongs under “obvious necessities”, which I’m sure people know to have blankets and such, but my absolute FAVORITE are muslin swaddles. They are super breathable, the perfect size, and can be used for many other things besides swaddling. I really like the patterns that Modern Burlap has to offer. (I’m a fan of B+W) Aiden & Anis is another great brand, sold at many retail stores.


3. Baby Carrier
There are plenty of reasons why baby carrying is so great and, on top of that, there are tons of awesome carriers on the market. With that said, it can be tough choosing which one is best for you. I have tried quite a few, and my absolute favorite is the Solly Baby Wrap. It’s perfect for newborns, very light-weight, and comes in a handful of stylish colors/patterns. It takes some practice getting used to, but once you get it down you’ll absolutely love it. I also recommend the Tula, which can be used up until your kiddo is 45 lbs!! However, babies under 15 lbs will need the infant insert. Watch some videos on YouTube and do some research on how to carry correctly.

2. Video Monitor
I could not live without my video monitors. Now that I have 2 babies I have a split screen monitor, but with Cash I just had a regular one. This is SO worth the investment in my opinion. I love being able to see them while they sleep, not only for peace of mind but many other reasons! Sometimes you think you hear a sound, or think your baby has woken up, when really they are just dreaming or moving around. I used it from the time they were  just infants, to watch & see if they’re breathing (typical mom of a newborn thing to do!) & I’m still using it to watch even my oldest who is 2 1/2. I can also speak into the mic & talk to him & tell him to go to sleep when he’s playing around at nap time. Seriously- GET A VIDEO MONITOR!
THIS  was my first monitor that I had with Cash. I really liked it! I only got a new one because this one doesn’t offer the split-screen feature.
THISbv  is the monitor I got when I had Sawyer. It works well, I do wish it had some of the features that my first monitor had (such as beeping when the battery is dying & a room-temperature notification) but it has still been great.

1. Rock N Play
This is 100% my biggest & best recommendation for new mamas. My babies slept in this from the time they were just born up until 5 or 6 months! It’s great for babies with reflux because of how it’s angled, it’s super lightweight & easy to move around, and it packs up easily. Trust me, you will not be disappointed! Neither of my babies slept in a bassinet. They went straight from the Rock-N-Play to their crib at around 6 months. (Along with co-sleeping.)

I’m sure everyone has their own “favorites” but these are mine and I know so many people that will agree that these are absolute amazing products for a new mama/baby!

Let me know what your must-have baby items are!





A Video Diary…

So, we are still hoping to do more “vlogs” (video blogs), but honestly- it is SO hot right now that I don’t even want to bring my camera anywhere! It’s been on average 110 degrees a day, and it makes it hard to even get out of the house. The best way to describe this heat is the feeling you get when you open up a heated oven. It’s disgusting.
Anyways, I did do a little recording the other day and put together an edit. It’s nothing exciting, but I know that I will cherish it & look back on many times. It makes Logan cry, which means it is a success! A picture can capture special moments, but videos capture so much more.
In this video, you see Logan making breakfast, Sawyer crawling, trying to walk, pulling herself up, and  loving on her brother. You see Cash waking up and going straight for his sissy, playing with his toys, kissing a picture of Ninnie & Peepaw, and eating watermelon on the table with dad.
It’s so beautiful to me. There will definitely be more to come.

Watching my babies become friends…

Cash is going on 2 1/2 and Sawyer is 7 months old. There were times before I got pregnant with Sawyer that Logan would suggest not having any more kids. I always said I wanted to have three or four babies…so just one definitely wasn’t an option for me. I also wanted Cash to have a sibling. I wanted him to be able to have someone to play with, someone to get excited with on Christmas morning, someone to vent to when “mom & dad are being harsh”, and, of course, someone to share his toys with! 😉
Bringing home Sawyer & introducing her to Cash was one of the most emotional things I’ve ever experienced. Seeing my new baby with my big baby made my heart fill with joy, and I just so badly wanted him to love her. Cash wasn’t even 2 yet when Sawyer was born, so he didn’t quite get the concept of a baby sister at first. I was eager to see their connection as they both got older. It actually happened sooner than I thought. Cash truly does love her. He gets worried when she cries, and gets excited when she wakes up from a nap. He gives her hugs and kisses & asks to hold her. Sawyer is easily amused by Cash and always smiles as she watches him play and talk. It’s adorable.
Sawyer is already so active. She wants to play with EVERYTHING that big brother is playing with, which annoys him, which is funny to me. I just giggle as I watch them start to learn to play with each other.
I took some photos yesterday, as they played together in their kitchen. I can’t wait to see them grow up together. I pray that they will always love & protect each other.




Cash’s Neverland Tee | Cash’s Skull Shorts | Play Kitchen