How To Rock Pinterest For Your Business

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Pinterest has become my favorite platform for bloggers and small businesses to promote their blog or product.
When I started my first business I used Instagram almost exclusively to promote my brand. I eventually utilized Facebook and Pinterest, but when I first started using Pinterest for my business I didn’t understand how it could be very beneficial. Pinterest seemed like a place for crafters, so I was somewhat reluctant to put my product there, in fear that my things would be copied. Even though I did not put a lot of effort into Pinterest I started to see traffic come from it, which made me realize how important it was to stay active on it. I continued to pin often, and I asked followers on my other social media platforms to also follow me on Pinterest.
I have watched videos, read blog posts, and done my research on Pinterest for business and the more I learn the more I love it.
If you aren’t sure what Pinterest is all about or why it can be beneficial for you, let me explain a little about what it is and why you should be utilizing it.

What is Pinterest?
Pinterst is a website (& an app) where users upload images and link them back to the source. These are called PINS.
are organized into folders, which are called Boards. 
Users on Pinterest are called Pinners. 
Saving pins to boards used to be called “pinning”, but now it is just called “saving”.

Why you should be utilizing Pinterest

• Pinterest has over 100 million active users
• The majority of pinners are women between the ages of 24-44
• 70% of people are on Pinterest to SHOP. (Did you know only around 3% of people are on Facebook to shop?! So, if you are putting all your money and energy into Facebook and not having any success, try giving Pinterest a shot.)
• 2 Million users save shopping pins daily
• 87% of Pinners have purchased a product because of Pinterest

Now, the fact that people come to Pinterest to plan purchases sets Pinterest apart from any other social media platform. People are literally there to look for something to buy!

Pinterest Facts:
Pinterest Is A Search Engine.  I actually don’t even like calling Pinterest a “social media platform” because it’s really more like a search engine. That’s another thing that sets Pinterest apart from Instagram and Facebook. People can actually go on Pinterest and SEARCH for things to buy!  This is amazing because it also lets your posts live forever! The life of a Facebook post in only a few hours.

Tips For Being Successful On Pinterest:
I love that people can be successful on Pinterest even if they don’t have a lot of followers. I like that vanity metrics don’t really play a role in Pinterest. A large following is alway beneficial, but there are still a lot of ways for your Pins to be seen by a large audience, even if you don’t have a huge following.
If a few people start saving your pin it can eventually create a snowball effect and can end up being seen by thousands of people.
• Pin Often. Make sure you’re pinning to all your boards frequently. Pin all of your blogs/products/whatever it is you’re promoting, PIN IT!
• Create good looking graphics. It is a fact that long vertical photos do best on Pinterest and get saved the most. Put together an eye-catching graphic by including a high quality photo or collage with a good title on it that will grab people’s attention. Example for good titles: Unique Clothes For Boys (if you sell clothes for boys), or Must Have Organic Beauty Products (if you sell organic beauty products). Graphics like these are not just for blogs, they work for brands as well!
• Join / create collaborative boards. Collaborative boards are boards that multiple people can pin to. This is a great way for your pins to be seen by other people’s followers.
• USE KEYWORDS + GOOD DESCRIPTIONS. Like I said, Pinterest is like a search engine. So, when you’re making a caption for your Pin make sure to use words that people would search. Also be sure to utilize the entire word count in your bio and user name.  Your user name can even include keywords. Example: Britt Kavanaugh Blog + Business Marketing. Another example: Root Avenue Kid’s Clothes & Motherhood Apparel. Your board titles should be things that people would search as well. So instead of making the title of your recipe board “YUM”, make it something like “Lunch & Dinner Recipes”.
• Be CONSISTENT. I use this word A LOT. Your Pinterest page should reflect your brand, just like any other platform. Your URL should be consistent with your other platforms, to make it easy for followers to find you. Your boards should be things that relate to your target market. If you sell kids clothes you will probably want boards having to do with babies, motherhood, recipes, crafts, etc. Things MOMS like!

– Incorporate Pinterest into giveaways. For example, if you’re doing a giveaway in your Facebook group you can add “extra entries” for following your Pinterest and pinning 3 pins. (Just for an example)
– Use your other social platforms (IG/IG stories + Facebook) to send those followers to your Pinterest. I like to post to my stories and add a link for people to “swipe up” and follow me. For Facebook I sometimes include a Pinterest link that goes with the post and I say something like “Pin this to save for later”.
– Ask people in Facebook groups to do a follow for follow. If your in some blog groups or entrepreneur groups there are probably many others that are also trying to grow their Pinterest following, so this would be a great place to help each other out.

Save Time + Schedule Your Pins:
Sometimes it can be overwhelming and time consuming having to post to so many platforms. I am a firm believer in using scheduling apps to make life easier. Tailwind is a program that allows you to schedule your Pinterest posts in advance. Tailwind also offers insights, Tribes, and suggested pins to schedule. Tribes are groups on Tailwind where people can post their Pins to and others within the tribe will be suggested to share. (Kind of like collaborative boards, except Tribe groups don’t show up on your Pinterest page and only the people within the tribe can see shared content.)
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I could really go on and on about Pinterest, but this is a basic guide on where to start!
If you still need some help, I do offer Pinterest Starter Packs and can get your business page up and running and looking good. I also offer Pinterest management. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out!


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