Food Art For Kids

Toddlers are so easy to cook for. They eat just about everything. – Said no one ever.

My son Cash is 2 1/2 and, like most toddlers, he is a very picky eater. Coming up with new lunch and snack ideas, that were healthy, became more and more difficult as he got older.
I decided to give food art a whirl after seeing some cute ideas on Pinterest. I would say it has helped a little, it doesn’t always work, but it has also helped me be creative & offer him more options at once. I’ve noticed that the more options, the better chance that he’ll eat at least one thing on his plate.
I made an Instagram page to document my food art so that I could use it as reference in the future, and because it’s just too cute not to document!
Here are a few of my favorites that I have made recently. For more photos check out my Instagram page @hellohappyplate


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Food Art has not only been beneficial for Cash, it’s also been enjoyable for me! While I’m *hoping* that Sawyer (who just recently started eating solids) isn’t a picky eater, I am now prepared if she is!

Would love to hear if this post encouraged you to make food art for your babes!




First blog post

Hello! Welcome to Stick To Your Roots Blog!
I guess an introduction is the best place to begin;
My name is Brittany, I am 26 years old- turning 27 in September.
I am a wife, a mother and a business owner.
I appreciate constructive  constructive criticism and I am always eager to learn. I also love to share my own experiences and help other entrepreneurs thrive in their endeavors. I think learning from each other is a great recourse, and we should utilize it!
I am excited to finally start blogging again. I actually used to consistently blog years ago, when I was in middle school and throughout high school. It’s much more difficult finding the time to do it now that I’m raising two tiny humans, but I am motivated to keep up with it! I know that I will be thankful to have these posts to look back on, and for my children to be able to look at one day.

Let the blogging begin….