Unique + Modern Baby Names

Now that I am officially done having kids (unless a big surprise happens somehow) I think I can finally share my list of baby names!I know I’m like most women when it comes to baby names, and I keep a list of my favorites and add to it every time I hear a name that…

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Fall / Winter Apparel For Girls

I put together some of my favorite pieces for my daughter’s fall/winter wardrobe. All these pieces are super affordable and easy to style. Sawyer loves pink, hearts, dresses, and boots…in case you couldn’t tell! But make sure to click each link because most of these items are available in multiple different colors. 1 / 2…

Home Hacks to Improve Your Life

Home Hacks to Improve Your Life Your home should ideally be a peaceful haven you can look forward to returning to, a place where you can unwind, relax and let the stress of the day melt away. Creating a more Zen-like environment reflects harmony, balance and relaxation, often linked to simplicity and minimalism. That kind…

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