Food Art For Kids

Toddlers are so easy to cook for. They eat just about everything. – Said no one ever.

My son Cash is 2 1/2 and, like most toddlers, he is a very picky eater. Coming up with new lunch and snack ideas, that were healthy, became more and more difficult as he got older.
I decided to give food art a whirl after seeing some cute ideas on Pinterest. I would say it has helped a little, it doesn’t always work, but it has also helped me be creative & offer him more options at once. I’ve noticed that the more options, the better chance that he’ll eat at least one thing on his plate.
I made an Instagram page to document my food art so that I could use it as reference in the future, and because it’s just too cute not to document!
Here are a few of my favorites that I have made recently. For more photos check out my Instagram page @hellohappyplate


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Food Art has not only been beneficial for Cash, it’s also been enjoyable for me! While I’m *hoping* that Sawyer (who just recently started eating solids) isn’t a picky eater, I am now prepared if she is!

Would love to hear if this post encouraged you to make food art for your babes!




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