A Video Diary…

So, we are still hoping to do more “vlogs” (video blogs), but honestly- it is SO hot right now that I don’t even want to bring my camera anywhere! It’s been on average 110 degrees a day, and it makes it hard to even get out of the house. The best way to describe this heat is the feeling you get when you open up a heated oven. It’s disgusting.
Anyways, I did do a little recording the other day and put together an edit. It’s nothing exciting, but I know that I will cherish it & look back on many times. It makes Logan cry, which means it is a success! A picture can capture special moments, but videos capture so much more.
In this video, you see Logan making breakfast, Sawyer crawling, trying to walk, pulling herself up, and  loving on her brother. You see Cash waking up and going straight for his sissy, playing with his toys, kissing a picture of Ninnie & Peepaw, and eating watermelon on the table with dad.
It’s so beautiful to me. There will definitely be more to come.

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