Children’s Museum Of Phoenix

My family is always looking for fun indoor actives here in Arizona, since it’s usually too hot to do anything outdoors about 6 months out of the year. The Children’s Museum Of Phoenix is one of our favorite places to take the kids. It’s perfect for both Cash & Sawyer, which is hard to find! Sawyer is 9 months old and hasn’t started walking yet, so it’s difficult for us to find places that I’m able to set her down to play. They have assigned “Baby Areas” all through-out the museum, which makes it so easy to keep an eye on both kids. The building consists of 3 levels, each full of fun and educational activities. When you enter the museum you are greeted by the front desk associates, and behind them is the gift shop which is full of kid’s stuff, of course. After you pay, you walk into the first room which has their amazing jungle gym. This is NOT your typical jungle gym, it looks like a piece of art! And it’s pretty intense for parents to maneuver through (lots of crouching!). I attempted it once, and ended up turning around!
Some of Cash’s (age 2) favorites on the upper two levels are the foam noodles, which he likes to run through, and the drums. We love taking them in the baby room which is for ages 0-4 (Or 3, I can’t remember!). Cash likes the slide and pretend kitchen in there, while Sawyer likes the “kid-cave” as I like to call it, which has little pictures, & buttons for the kids to push.
I really like the dark room behind the foam noodles, it plays eerie music that reminds me of a Disney ride, and there’s books with cozy areas to sit and relax.
There’s also a little nursing room for mom’s which is always great, but of course you can nurse anywhere in the museum.
They also offer different classes, such as art, which is something we haven’t done yet since Cash is probably a little too young to enjoy it.
I definitely recommend the Children’s Museum Of Phoenix to anyone with kiddos between the ages of 0-10!
Make sure to check their calendar before you go, I try to avoid field trip days.
Also check Groupon to see if they have any deals!
Wear cozy shoes with socks, if you plan on going in the baby room you’ll have to take your shoes off.
There’s a kitchen on the second floor, with a pretty large variety of options. You can also bring your own food, you just have to eat it in the dining area.

Here’s a little video of our trip today. Enjoy!


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