Photos with Sawyer

I rarely have my photo taken with my babies, and when I do, it seems like they all turn out terrible!
Today we planned to go out and get some photos taken of Logan in some small shop tees. I decided to do my hair, makeup, put on my favorite romper & make sure Logan took some photos of me also.
Cash isn’t the most cooperative when it comes to pictures. (Or most things!) So I only managed to get some of Sawyer & I. I love how they turned out. This is rare for me…ha!

My hat & romper are from Forever 21. This romper is my favorite because it has a little snap in the front which makes it incredibly easy to nurse!
My shoes are from Wet Seal

I love this babe. Sawyer is 10 months old, just started walking (she hasn’t perfected it yet), loves her mama so much, & will not let anyone hold her besides myself or Logan. This is such a fun, and exhausting age.

Our brand shoot featuring small shops will be up shortly.



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