Rad Dad Tees

Mom-life tees have become a very popular fashion trend among new mamas. There definitely isn’t a lack of designs or styles out there to choose from. Dad tees, on the other hand, are a little bit harder to find. My husband is pretty stylish, if I do say so myself. He has a “rocker-vibe”, and has tattoos from his chest, down to his feet. Finding dad-tees that he will actually wear is tough, as he’s pretty picky about his t-shirts.
With that said, I have found a few that he really likes.
I wanted to share some of his favorites with you today!

Logan’s Favorite Dad-Life Tees


Father-Hood: Takin’ Care Of Business by Root Avenue
This is Logan’s all time favorite because, well, he helped design it! He has wanted a TCB dad-shirt for a long time. I actually made a design over a year ago & had one printed just for him and it became one of his favorite shirts. I wasn’t completely happy with the design & kept messing with it until I finally perfected it. It’s now his favorite tee!

Daddin’ Ain’t Easy by Little Hooligans Co.
Logan likes the simple design of this t-shirt and the fit of the garment. It seems like every time he wears this he gets a funny comment from someone about it. Plus, it’s true, ya know…daddin’ really ain’t easy.

DAD by The Blue Envelope
This is actually one of my favorite “dad-tees” that Logan has. This is one of The Blue-Envelope’s signature descriptive word designs. Each letter is filled with words that describe a dad. This garment is really soft and fits Logan perfectly.

Livin’ The Dad Life by Hazzard Lane Clothing
First off, let me say that this was one of Logan’s favorite tees but he gained a little weight over the summer and it doesn’t seem to fit him as well as it used to haha! Logan likes this shirt’s design, color, & style. There aren’t a lot of v-neck options for dudes, so it’s nice to be able to switch it up a little bit from his regular, black, crew neck tees.

Trouble Maker by Root Avenue
Logan’s second favorite Root Avenue tee is the Trouble Maker tee. He wears this one at least once a week. It really is the perfect tee for him to wear, while Cash wears his matching “Trouble” tee. This design is on a few different garments. Logan’s favorites are this black one, and the charcoal grey one.

We love to shop small and support small businesses. Make sure to browse the websites all of the shop’s mentioned in this post. They all have some great items for moms & kids as well!



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