Staying Stylish & Comfortable

Okay, so I am all about comfort when it comes to fashion. I also don’t spend a lot on myself. I usually shop at Forever 21 & Target…I am also a drug store make-up buyer. (*gasp!*)
I’ll spend $50 on a pair of kid’s shoes that they’ll wear for a month, yet I cringe at a $30 price tag on a women’s tank top.

So I would say that my style is best described as: cheap chic. Omg…I think I just made that up. Going to trademark that.

Anyways, here are a few of my favorite pieces/tips for staying comfortable, while looking [somewhat] put together.

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I almost always wear black pants. They can be dressed up, they can be dressed down, and they don’t show stains very easily. (Bonus points for moms!) The ones I am wearing in the photo above are actually jeggings, AKA leggings with pockets and stitching…so basically the best things ever invented.

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Despite the fact that my husband always makes fun of me when I wear hats like the one in the picture, they are one of my favorite things to finish off an outfit. Sometimes I will seriously be so unhappy with an outfit I have on, then I’ll put a hat on and *poof* just like that, I look trendy, as if I am some sort of fashionista or something. And the best part is, you’ll be able to get away with going on day 3 of no shampoo. (Ew, what, who even does that………) *guilty*

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Okay, I know what you’re thinking, “jeans are NOT comfortable!” and I totally agree. I hate wearing jeans. I have to mentally prepare myself before putting them on for the day. BUT ripped jeans are just too cute to pass up, and if you get those knee holes big enough your legs can actually breath a little, and bending is super easy. (Can you tell that I’m really trying argue that ripped jeans can be comfortable?)

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I rarely wear dresses. This photo was taken on Thanksgiving. I will avoid dresses at all costs, mostly because I am nursing Sawyer still…and there’s really no way to publicly nurse in a dress unless it’s low cut. Another reason I will avoid them is because my legs are super pale. However, for fall/winter I can get away with wearing leggings with the dress, which allows me to nurse still…AND they’re super comfortable, opposed to tights. So, if you want to wear a dress but don’t feel totally comfortable bearing those legs, just wear some leggings and boots and you’re set!


There you have it! My simple, not-so-helpful, (but maybe a little helpful?) tips for staying stylish and comfortable!



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