28 Things Small Business Owners Can Relate To


28 Things Small Business Owners Can Relate To

When you run a small business you are usually the one that does it all, from handling e-mails, social media, marketing, inventory, etc. The struggle is real!

1. When you wake up ready to hustle and sell some shit.

2. When you have a million e-mails to respond to, orders to fulfill, a family to raise, and a house to clean.

3. When your turn-around-time is 2-3 weeks and a customer e-mails you 5 minutes after placing their order & asks why it hasn’t shipped yet.

4. When you have a really good sales day.

5. When you have a really bad sales day (or week. or month):

6. When you find out someone is copying your work:

7. When people refer to your business as a hobby:

8. When you’re catching up on e-mails:

9. When a customer asks to return an item they received 5 months ago and already used multiple times:

10. When people ask you if you ever sleep:

11. When you’re feeling uninspired and you’re having a creative block:


12. When you spend hours working on something that you end up hating:

13. When you come up with a genius idea:

14. Trying to figure out Facebook Ads & Instagram’s new algorithm like:

15. When you’re participating in a loop giveaway and the host gives the 5 minute warning:

16. When it’s 60 seconds into said loop and it’s not looping, so you have to figure out who needs to be skipped, and everyone is trying to figure out who hasn’t posted, and everyone is commenting in the DM:

17. And when the loop is finally looped :

18. When you think you have an original idea, and then research it only to find out that someone else is doing it:

19. When you’re in an online group made up of other makers and there’s drama:

20. When you have way too much on your plate:

21. When someone comments on one of your products & says they can get it cheaper somewhere else or make it themselves:

22. When someone messages you trying to figure out all your secrets & who all your resources are:

23. When you get a really good review on your product or business:

24. Remembering that owning a business is hard work, and the fact that anyone likes what you’re putting out there is something to be very proud of:

25. When a customer is testing your patience:

26. That feeling when you realize you effed up on something:

27. When a customer is very kind and understanding about a something that you messed up on:

28. When people assume that you have a ton of free time since you own your own business:

I’m sure this list could go on and on and on and on.





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