My UNPLANNED Natural Unmedicated Birth

My third pregnancy was very similar to my first two: easy and enjoyable. I love being pregnant and I’m so thankful I had 3 very comfortable and healthy pregnancies. The only thing different with my third was pressure in my pelvic area towards to end of my pregnancy. I kept thinking she was going to just *pop* her head out at any time.

On the early morning of May 15 (just a couple days before her due date) I woke up to very intense contractions. This had happened a few times days prior, so I thought it was another false alarm. Then around 3 in the morning they got so intense that I knew it was time. Logan was working the night shift so I called him asking when he would be home. He told me he was on his way so I called his mom to let her know it was time! She came over to watch Cash & Sawyer. When Logan got home I told him he could probably take a shower, but then I had an intense contraction and he was like “nope, we gotta go!” So we headed out the door and arrived at the hospital around 5:00/5:15 AM.

Everyone at the hospital check-in apparently thought I was far from delivering because no one was rushing. The nurse (who said “we’re all guessing you’re a 5 or 6”) checked me and said “wow you’re an 8! Did you want the natural birthing room?” To which I responded, “no, I want an epidural.” And she just kind of looked at me like “uhh not happening”, but said ooookay…and started wheeling me to the room.

A couple nurses came in my room along with the midwife, Yvonne. When I told them I wanted an epidural they all looked at me like, “are you serious?”

Yvonne basically told me it was almost time to push! She said I *could* get an epidural but it would literally be pointless.I am all about mind over matter. The fact that I went into this thinking I’d be able to get an epidural really threw me off. I would have done the natural birthing room and labored in the tub if I had known that I was for sure unable to get the epidural.

Yvonne said she was going to break my water and then I could start to push. I was freaking out!

She broke my water, told me to get on all fours, and…well, I had no choice & started pushing.

Finally, Logan & Yvonne let me know the head is out. I felt a slight moment of relief until I thought about how I still have to push the shoulders out.
**Pushhh pushhh**
I could feel every little thing. Her shoulders, followed by her body, her legs, & then the chord.
The feeling of pushing the rest of her out was such a relief.

They immediately laid baby Capri on my chest, and she was so cheesy (covered with vernix) and so perfect.

She was born at 6:10 AM. Hardly an hour after we arrived at the hospital! I pushed for less than 10 minutes!

We did it, baby girl!

Capri Grace. My little wild card.

The morning after delivering my third and final baby!

We were discharged just over 24 hours after delivery.
I am so thankful that everything went so quickly and there were no complications. Yvonne from Premier Care For Women was amazing! I am so happy that she was the one to deliver Capri.
I highly recommend Premier Care For Women in Sun City, AZ for anyone looking for an amazing provider.

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